scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

html editors & other questions

{apologies for another website related post--
but which html editors do you lovelies use
and which ones are good for php?
and if anyone has a good one...
are you able to send me a copy online
or something?

i just have an oldold version of editpad which
does the trick i suppose but i think there are
better ones out there now considering i've had
the old version for like 5 years or something ! i've
heard that dreamweaver is good but it's like $179 or
something silly. hmm.

apologies again. am getting excited about learning
php and designing another website ;)}

++ okay while i'm asking questions...
+ what fonts do you use on icons?
+ what programs other than adobe photoshop do you use for images
+ best script sites?

these are just curiosity questions, is all ;)

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