scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

trying photoshop

well i meant to get an earl(ier) night tonight but somehow i wound up playing with photoshop, which i have actually never really known how to use properly before (i think i am scared of it). i have plans to make an online travelogue for when i go to england and i thought i would make a layout by hand, cut & paste style and scan it in because i am *that* scared of using photoshop (after seeing some of the amazing creations people like you design !) but i ended up making this and i think perhaps i like it?

if you have time, tell me what you think? the darkened section close to the middle is where the text will go, of course. probably in white, it shows up the best on there. but be honest? it's my first time using photoshop for something other than just scanning in pictures.

if i end up using it i'll have to remember how to slice images and use frames etc to code it, ick.
but if there are any suggestions on how i can improve it, tell me?
as for brushes and the like, i have no idea. i'm actually a bit embarrassed to admit that, considering.
oh well. sleep time
{goodnight stars}

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