scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

beaded earring making

beads & wire & earring pins

the scan isn't very good but it didn't seem worth uploading digital pictures. this is the first pair of earrings that i made tonight after a visit to the city to pick up some beads and findings, and rediscovering an old bead jewellery book from about 10 years ago. i haven't made earrings before and i kinda like these {especially as i don't own many pairs of earrings since i never could be bothered to change them}; but mainly it's fun being inspired and experimenting. they're not great but it's a start, right? i am simply in awe of this lovely; i'd buy all her jewellery if i could afford it. but there's something fun about making yr own too.

i am interested in doing too many different things and there is never enough time to focus on anything in particular. but i would hate to be uninterested in new projects and learning; i couldn't imagine a life being uncreative.

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