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More uni stuff

I knew it was too good to be true.

So I went to uni today to sign up for classes and get my timetable figured out, once and for all. Well. What I did get achieved was discovering that the 2 classes that I most wanted to take this semester were both on at the exact same time, and ONLY that time. Directing in the Performing Arts, and Clinical & Abnormal Psychology. I've waited 3 years to take those classes, and I was so excited about finally getting to do them. But no. Of course that can't happen! They're both on, Wednesday, 9am-12pm, and there's no way I can study either of those externally.

I went to talk to Kay about it, who is in charge of the Directing subject. She's lovely - she has a big broad American accent, and she was a great help when Jeremy and I were doing the play last year. She mentioned there were a lot of troubles with the Directing class, because no matter what time it was, it would ALWAYS clash with something. She told me to try and come to the first class - to sneak out of my psychology class - and she would see about changing the time of it, which was lovely of her.

*sigh* But I'm not getting my hopes up about that one.

I was planning on dropping Adult Development, but it looks like I'm going to have to drop Clinical & Abnormal Psychology instead. I'm so mad. But I HAVE to do directing, not only because the other drama subjects don't compare, but because I NEED this class if I intend on applying for any Performing Arts schools. I've never been formally trained in directing - the plays I've directed count as experience, but not education. I need the theoretical stuff to back up my application, and not only that... I want to learn about it too!! All my directing so far has just been "whatever feels right". I need to know more about directing, because instincts and inspiration only take you so far.

I've managed to cram my subjects into 3 days, so I guess that's okay... one of those days being a Thursday afternoon, meaning I can't work on Thursday nights when Uni starts again... damnit, I better get hours at work this year when I go back to Uni. My timetable is all over the place, classes right in the middle of the day, so when am I supposed to work?

Argh, this is annoying me SO much.


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