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x. sunday night = not wanting to go to work tomorrow. i always get stuck into things and realising that it's back to the grind for another 5 days. i don't get monday-itis because by monday morning i'm fine ;)

x. if any of my usa penpals or lj friends who know i'm from australia ask me what i did for 4th of july, i will seriously never talk to them ever again. this happens every year; penpals writing asking me what i did for the holiday. um, please know what your holidays are for. especially something as big as independence day. it never ceases to amaze me how many americans will ask me about that, or about thanksgiving in november, and i don't mean this as a generalisation, but you, too, would be annoyed if someone from another country asked you every year what you did to celebrate their national day.

x. i am completely in love with bead shopping. i sold some things on ebay this weekend so i don't feel too guilty... although my resolution for the new financial year was to be able to account for all the money i earn this year. after all, it's a bit scary to go and look at your last paycheck on june 30 and realise that you've been paid, as in, money into your bank account, something like... well several thousand dollars, yet you're still struggling to come up with enough money to go overseas. um where did that money go? hmm.

x. i saw Kristy and R this weekend, but it's definitely gone way too quickly. i can't believe how fast it flew by actually. sigh.

things to work on outside of work hours:
>. more beaded earrings, especially with the new colours i brought today
>. the zine -- halfway done and still going
>. finish miss frayed_wings' letter, amongst others
>. burn live tori mp3s for miss nelmiocuore
>. work on using adobe photoshop 7. with the books i got from the library
>. continue planning england !!

and also i had some ideas for some photos i was going to work on tonight with ballet slippers and pointe shoes but i'm too sleepy; again, they're going to have to wait.


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