scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

// turn my little blue world u p s i d e d o w n

// current Tori setlist {little blue world - 73:43}
x. upside down (minneapolis mn 25.10.2001)
x. sugar (holmdel nj 28.08.2003)
x. iieee (storytellers vh1 24.10.1998)
x. carbon (poznan poland 24.01.2003)
x. she's your cocaine (knoxville tn 15.08.1998)
x. twinkle (san jose 12.04.2003)
x. the waitress (la jolla ca 13.12.2002)
x. tear in your hand (los angeles ca 17.12.2002)
x. mother (atlanta ga 10.11.2002)
x. black dove (raleigh nc 30.08.2003)
x. little earthquakes (canandaigua ny 17.08.2003)
x. crucify (san jose ca 12.04.2003)

i'm okay when everything is not okay

{don't worry loves; things are fine ♥}

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