scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

argh, but a blessing in disguise ?

argh. my united kingdom tour i was going to take when i went to england in september got cancelled :X now it's back to square one to finding another tour or something similar to take it's place.

irritating, i just finished paying it off. but a blessing in disguise perhaps? i think i was starting to have a few doubts about whether i even chose the right tour to take after all... but now it's back to filtering through the many possibilities to come up with the next best thing. it was sort of nice to have most things for my holiday organised, but maybe i'll find something even better.

back to the brochures tonight. i don't think i'll be going with trafalgar tours though, so that's one company i can cross off my list {really only because they don't have anything suitable for what i want anymore, seeing as the only one just got cancelled :P}


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