scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

friday night loves

i am awake & tired all at once. i always say lately that sleeping on weekends seems like a waste. so many hours where the world turns and i am not being a part of it; but goodness that sounds melodramatic. kristy and i went shopping in the city tonight after work, and the new shoes mum brought me were hurting my feet so badly (i think they're faulty... well that's what i'm saying when i take them back to the store, i've only had them 2 weeks!) that i raced into target on the way and picked up a pair of $ 8 sneakers to wear instead. thank goodness for sales, and thank goodness for amex. :D my other purchases included teabags and jewellery making items; we also browsed the gourmet food store and the tea shop and laughed because we feel like we're getting old. oh i'm so glad it's friday night.

also i found out about these fabulous tours of ireland when i went to the travel agency last night; i think things are falling into place again but goodness, i wish i had more time in the UK when i go. 5 1/2 weeks just doesn't seem like enough when you start breaking it down into days spent in all 4 countries (5 if you include Republic of Ireland), plus the time planned with miss alex_faerie and going to France. also i have been finding out more information about overseas working holidays and it sounds so amazing. i'm so tempted just to quit my job, apply for the UK working visa, and work random odd jobs in london to fund further travelling. the idea of coming back and continuing my current job (of which i have no passion for whatsoever right now) feels like such a let down. i'm so keen to explore the world; there's so much more to life than what's right in front of us now.

the remainder of this weekend = downloading music, watching Thirteen and hopefully snuggling with a certain someone. thank goodness it's the weekend indeed.


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