scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

her sunday lust

j'adore sundays.

today = mix cds for special loves (psst: winterswitchery !) and packages for precious dears (fantasticmuppet !) and finishing letters (eep) and working on my application for the cadetship at the advertiser. and i need more blank cds but i'm not sure if the place i saw the sale on at is open today.

i'm sure there was something else i needed to do today but for now, it's slipped my mind. i wish sunday's could go on & on &

kristy leant me the other boeylan girl to read and i wish i had hours & hours to just read. there are so many things i am longing to drown in but there's never enough time. but it's okay, it will all still be there the next day & the next.

i am addicted to finding new wallpapers and themes for my computer & media player right now. dork ! :D


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