scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

is it 5 o'clock yet ?

i am so bored at work. there is seriously not enough work to do and the hours drag by. i scavenge work from other people to do but i still struggle to fill the days. the earphones for my cd player died today and at first i was distraught until i realised i'd had the same pair ever since i got the cd player, 4 years ago (maybe more?) and damn, they've done well. must try to find my other pair tonight though; i am certain that today was all the more painful because of the lack of music. yes i am spoiled in my job.

yesterday was emilie autumn played over & over again; one day i'll have wings like hers too. maybe i already do.

i decided i want to print out some photos of some of you lovelies to pin up on my desk here. i have pictures of kristy and sarah and my sister and dog and my cousins, and postcards of places around the world and gorgeous cards that people have sent; i like having my desk as this refuge of all the things i love in the midst of boring insurance work. so. if you have a picture of yourself that you wouldn't mind me putting up on my desk, either email me one or leave a link in the comments to where i could find one? and i think on the weekend i'll go to harvey norman where you can print out photographs from cd for 45c a picture, and bring them in on monday.

fragilehearted & krystallos; would you mind if i took a copy of that gorgeous picture of the 2 of you in Crystal's journal? i really love that one (it's okay if you say no :)) i might ask some others the same thing too, i know some of you have amazing pictures in your journals. oh and winterswitchery, is it okay to use that one you sent me once on aim?

also a question for people in the UK. how much are prepaid Sim cards for mobile phones? because i'll likely get one when i arrive in London (THIS MONTH !!) and just want to know how much they are. also if you know of any companies that have particularly good rates for international calls, now would be the time to advise me ;)

i'm going home now. lovexxx

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