scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

+ beautiful cards and little gifts from starlettes at work on my desk this morning
+ having a training session & not having to spend the day doing the usual boring things
+ spending the day with my gorgeous friend wendy while we were in training
+ getting to perve on a cute (albeit older) guy, also in training session
+ wonderful cards and presents from family members tonight
+ an amazing present from miss turtles_path -- you nearly made me cry but in that good way *mwah* thankyou so much {and she sent me fairy jasmine !! that everyone kept telling me to try but i never had one until now ♥}
+ beautiful cards from friends ♥
+ an absolutely delicious birthday dinner (chinese - duck & spring rolls & rice, oh my !!)
+ 10 days til england !!

- fighting with R even on my birthday :(

sigh, i am going to curl up in bed now and read Mists and start writing in my new journal that i got, then sleep the hours away til morning. i wanted to have a fresh start in this 24th year but i suppose there's always tomorrow. and it was still a better birthday than last year. a year older isn't such a bad thing. i am surrounded by love and wonderful friends {even if boys are horrid, grr}.


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