scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

2 days

still not packed, but as excited as anything. today i discovered a way i could get to glastonbury while i'm away, and i could hardly stop from smiling. i felt like my heart was going to burst; i don't know why, but since reading Mists of Avalon (finished today), i've felt this longing to go there and visit. and i really might get to after all.
for some reason, this means so much to me.

oh and i remember last year when i suddenly decided to take this trip to england. a year has passed already? it seems strange to remember a time when things were dreams, and then to realise they are about to really happen. i am already nervous about coming back home afterwards. silliness; but i feel like i've been dreaming about this forever.

i am excited and worried and anxious and giddy and euphoric and scared and...
but mostly i can't believe it, i keep thinking that something has to go wrong; even though i picked up my flight tickets and tour information tonight and i just have to get through one more day at work.
i never really believe things until i'm actually on the plane. i felt much the same way when i moved to queensland (and back again).

enough holiday rambling. i know you must be sick of it already ;)
oh, but a favour, perhaps? *flutters eyelashes* as you all know, my icon making skills suck. would someone who might be bored perhaps be able to make me an england related icon?
i would love you forever ;)

still to do:
- finish catching up on work and leave notes on everything so people can understand what you have done
- get Lady of Avalon for flight
- photocopy Important Stuff
- pack, as everyone keeps reminding me (in case i forget? lol)
- return kate's books

also last night i dreamt i was sitting in a plane, and that i was in heathrow airport. i also had a dream that i could communicate with the dead, and i am hoping that the 2 things aren't related {just kidding}.


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