scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

oh england !!

i am off to England today, lovelies !!!

i am more in disbelief than excitement right now; the reality of going overseas for 6 weeks probably won't set in until i'm on the plane. right now it's like it's an ordinary saturday and i'm still worrying about what i might have forgotten to do/take/pack. lack of excitement right now is probably best; i'd be useless otherwise, and too giddy to be able to think straight. i know the excitement will hit soon enough. i've been excited for months.

so darlings, it is time for me to depart. my flight leaves at 15:00; i arrive in london tomorrow also around 15:00 (london time though, which is about 23:30 back home... jet lag anyone?) i probably won't be checking livejournal while i'm away but i may update (unless the new update page is the nightmare that everyone has been saying it is ^^). and email is a must -- i've promised to stay in touch with friends back home while i'm away so contact me there if you need to.

dearhearts in england; you have my email and i have your numbers and i will call/text when i get a sim card in the uk for my phone. everyone else, i have emails & addresses for postcards. 20 hours flying is going to be... an experience ^_^

stay safe while i'm away. spread glitter, remember to love, and the next time i write, i'll be in a completely different hemisphere. love to you all xxxx

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