scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

from the top of the glastonbury tor (avalon tor?) to west end london

x. new phone and new phone number: 07949 707 716 -- message me (!)

x.i climbed the top of the glastonbury tor and went to the chalice well, and i pretended it was really avalon and that i was morgaine, and this was a whole other world. maybe it is? being on top of the top was amazing, i didn't want to come back down.

x. that's how i feel about this whole trip. i love love love this. i don't ever want to go home, not yet anyway. even with all the bad stuff (camera stolen, all the things i've lost including my phone), it is all part of the experience and look, i'm smiling and no-one can take that away from me. i want to go to russia, to egypt, africa. i want to travel all over europe and come back to wales. i don't want to leave. i don't want to return to reality.

x. i went to harrods today and oh my, what a luxurious place. do people really live like that, always? it seems unimaginable.

x. without meaning to, i definitely saved the best london hostel til last. i'm staying at a yha one, the city of london one (right opposite st pauls cathedral), and it is just lovely. it is so nice to have a fresh, clean place to stay in my last week in london. but i'm glad it wasn't my first london hostel, because i would have been disappointed with all the others in comparison...

x. i still need to write about ireland. also, scotland. because i realised i write a lot about london and nothing about the other countries -- but believe me, they are fabulous and i just had such a wonderful time. definitely longer and more detailed updates when i get back home next month. in london i just have more time to myself ;)

x. tomorrow i'm going to salisbury and to stonehenge <3 tonight i'm seeing the musical "woman in white" which has michael crawford in it (!!!) - one of my very all time favourite stars. tomorrow night is "les miserables" - and what a dream that is, to see it on the london stage. le sigh.

x. i met ellebel in dublin (i stayed at her place on saturday night) - she is a sweetheart ♥

x. this trip is just so, so much fun. i am having an absolute blast.

how are all of you doing?

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