scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

oh Paris !

x. i am at miss alex_faerie's place now and it is absolutely wonderful. she is a darling and her family is lovely and her house is gorgeous, and oh, i am relaxed and content and happy and i just never want to leave-

x. we are off to Paris in a couple of hours !! we will be back on Wednesday night or Thursday (not sure which) and oh, i am just so so excited (we both are!) and we keep looking at each other and squealing "Parrriiss!!" because neither of us can quite believe we are really going.

x. i am reading alex's copies of Esctasia and Primavera that i have wanted to read for nearly a year now and they make me so happy, sigh.

x. i just never want to return to the real world, and i wish everyone could be this content and peaceful always.


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