scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

i could have danced all night

i am bouncy and i do not want to go to bed tonight and go back to work in the morning; just because i feel like writing and colouring and making collages and sending beautiful letters to stars and ordering craft stamps to make christmas cards instead. i caved in today and brought vogue magazines - both the uk one and the australian issues. because i'm silly like that and is it a bad thing to be in love with colour and want to drown in dazzling worlds? i breathe in the glossy pages and dream of collages & mail art to make out of the fashion spreads. i feel inspired and glittery, and i want to be creative and not confined to a cubicle doing data entry.

summer is approaching and it brings new life. i want to spin and breathe stars and hold my face to the light and smile. all the time; not just some of the time.

there are things that i am angry about. things that make me want to scream, claw at my skin, throw words back at the policitians and scorn the old fashioned "values" that are outdated and useless in a world such as this.
  but it's okay to be happy too, isn't it? to find happiness in the smallest of things, to smile at the most seemingly insignificant of pleasures.

sometimes my life, my thoughts are so shallow; but maybe i need that to keep me sane. negativity all the time just eats you up inside, and then you're no use to anyone at all. how can you change the world if you're so full of anger all the time?


christmas cards! if you want one & haven't given me yr address, click !

&edit: you know you want to join this great travel community: ourwanderlust :D
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