scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

sunday evenings

sundays end just too damn quickly. and i wonder why i allow myself to get caught up in things like webdesign when all i really want, is to just get off the computer. addiction, oh but i did complete some things. mixed tapes & covers & cds to send to a lovely girl who is burning me some concert boots ! sundays are always scurrying aroung, trying to get organised for the week ahead. sunday evenings always feel like the end of the world.

i found french kitty writing paper today in the newsagency; the pinkness of it made me smile and i promise, i will write all those letters i owe soon! i looked at the calendars on display, the ones of the different countries, and my heart aches for all those places i went to, all the photos on the calendars and knowing i have similar ones at home. i miss it all so much; it feels like a whole other lifetime ago already.

my room is too small and cluttered; it crowds my mind, makes me want to burn everything in sight and start afresh. i try to clear it away but i'm a packrat by nature, and old habits are hard to destroy. i need to make a decision about my semi-defunct zine distro, Eclectic Starsparks, and whether i'm going to keep it running (because i actually don't know if there are any other australian zine distros around anymore - the main one has just closed down and i can't seem to find links to any others), or close it down and sell off the copious amounts of zines i've acquired. i can't really afford to keep it running; that was the main reason it sort of disappeared in the first place. but i felt proud to get it off the ground and it was actually doing pretty well, except for the whole money thing.

sometimes i feel like i can come up with good ideas and set them in motion; but i don't have the dedication to keep them going. and that's kind of sad, really, because i wonder what i could achieve if i actually stuck to something long enough.

things to do:
x. work on winterspark zine (which has been half finished for the last 6 months... see above paragraph for details on short attention span :P)
x. christmas cards !
x. christmas presents for 2 certain people that i can't mention here
x. get caught up on letters & packages, which includes ones to you, you, you, you, you, you, you... and everyone else (i haven't forgotten).
x. in reference to the above, note to self: less livejournal posts, more letters.
x. burn dvds, cds etc for relevant people
x. make a decision about zine distro
x. work on scrapbook
x. finish something for
x. add more to deviantart account
x. finish sorting through holiday photos... and organise them
x. find out more about working holidays in the uk... just in case

blah blah blah... okay, no more boring journal entries.


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