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luscious !

grr, isn't it annoying when you really want a certain lj name but it's already taken, by someone who has no friends or interests listed and has long since abandoned it? i know lj has a no-delete policy but really. it would be nice to be able to use some of those names that never got used properly in the first place.

but anyway, i now present to you: miss_lush: a community for all things lush-cosmetics related. and yes, i know the colours suck at the moment. i'll fix it, i will! but it's the best i could come up with at this time of night. i badly need sleep before work tomorrow. but yes, so if you are a fan of lush {and i know at least 10 people on my friends list right now who are and that's without even thinking about it}, go join?

i know there are a couple of other lush communities out there already, but they are so big and i thought it would be nice to get a group together, maybe even organise some swaps and stuff, for people in different countries. maybe exchange lush times newspapers and things. as well as reviews & photos of what you brought & stories to do with lush products & recommendations etc. all those silly girly {but indulging & fun !} things.

*flutters eyes* go join, please?

and while i'm on the pimping train, join ourwanderlust for anything travel related. even if yr just dreaming about travel and haven't actually been anywhere. i like to think that we can inspire others, or maybe they can travel vicariously through other's experiences. that's what i did for the longest time, and it just made me even more keen to go.

okay, enough livejournal stuff for now. time for sleep + one more day of work. tomorrow night i'm going to a concert that my sister is taking me to; i don't particularly care for any of the artists (although human nature aren't bad performers at all), but it'll be nice to spend time with my sister nonetheless. at any rate, it will then be the weekend and i'll just be glad to have 2 days away from work, and time to work on other things. and isn't it sad how we end up wishing our lives away?


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