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fireworks & quizzes & sunday stuff

because i remember doing this years ago & it was amusing... jadeling's quiz... and goodness, it is hard to come up with questions that people might know the answers to without being too obvious... because you forget that people don't know you as well as you do ;)

boom !

last night Kristy & i went to the city to see the lighting of the city christmas tree. we got bored and wandered around the city (dead, here's to adelaide on a saturday night), and came back too late to see the actual lighting of it. but we saw the fireworks and it was worth coming into town just for that. we had hot chocolate in the hotel lounge of the hilton and we laughed at how we didn't fit in; elegance & sophistication, and 2 girls in santa hats spill hot chocolate powder over their laps. then we went to see some christmas lights and i am seriously freaking out that it's just over a month now until christmas. how can that be?

the human nature concert was better than i anticipated it to be; those boys are just cute. especially michael, who is short and full of energy, he makes me smile. they can sing, that's for sure. talent & good looks on stage, yum.

today = listing things on ebay {old sweet valley books, that sort of thing}, more christmas cards, and getting a start on presents (that i've been saying i was going to do for a week). letters, mixtapes, and i really need to get going with the rest of my zine because it is probably closer to being finished than i think. i'd like to have it done by the end of the year and if i get stuck into sorting out what i have, it's achievable. also to do: writing school assignments, scrapbook cards {a new idea i've been thinking about this week}, webpage stuff, clean out room once and for all.

boom !

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