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i am up to about page 30 of my zine, winterspark; i'm struggling to get these last few pages out. i started on the second edition already, a post-travel issue, which is for obvious reasons is easier to put together. winterspark #1 {soulbreaking} is an attempt to step back into my pre-travel self and capture what i was feeling and why. it's just a matter of collating some of my {hopefully better} things that i wrote at the time, but i wonder why i'm so disorganised sometimes. still; it's nice to finally be getting it together. i only started thinking about writing a zine in oh say, january. 11 months to produce 30 pages -- that's pitiful.

note to self: get act together in 2005 !

today was christmas card making until my fingers were sticking together and i was getting goosebumps from sitting outside in the wind, and visiting the craft store cottage rose for 3d paint, amongst other things. i'm watching the australian idol grand final right now and i'm tempted to just skip to the message boards on the website to find out who won because i'm sleepy and i need an earlier night. mondayitis has hit for sure. i'd rather spend more time writing and taking photographs but there's always the evenings to look forward to.

i've been braindead all night; my mind is topsy-turvey with words all over the place and not making sense. too many words.

&edit!- if you haven't given me yr address for a christmas card yet, click here? i'll start writing them up soon & sending them out {really}.


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