scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

take this spark and run

This is one of the courses that I am seriously considering applying to for next year. I'd get to study dancing, music, AND theatre together in the Bachelor of Creative Industries, and the good thing is, I don't need to audition to get in either. I did a rough estimation of my GPA for the last 3 years at uni, and I have more than enough points to get into this course. It's kind of scary how quickly this could come into a reality. In fact, so soon - I could apply now, and get into the course starting in July. That's really soon.

Whenever I've considered applying to performing arts schools - just abandoning everything here to run off and follow some elusive dream - it's always just been a dream without any thoughts of genuine reality. But this COULD be a reality. I could get a transfer with work, move to Queensland, and spend the next 3 years studying performing arts, and all the things I love, with the intention of truly making that my life's career. It's almost scary, because a dream could be a heartbeat away, but what if I'm not ready to reach out for it?

If I don't make the cut-off date of May 17, then I have 6 more months to think about it, to work like crazy, and work out if this is truly what I want, or if it's just a by-product of starting dance all over again. Maybe I'm high on the fumes of ballet ribbons and acapella lovesongs, or maybe this inate urge to just pack up and leave is the aftermath of years of yearning for something more. Waiting 6 more months seems the logical thing to do; yet I'm tempted to take this spark in my heart and run with it before I let self-doubt extinguish the flame. Sometimes you just need to jump into things, feet first, without stopping to think of the consequences - because sometimes logic isn't everything, and logic just can't compare to that feeling of following your life's dream.

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