scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

for the artistic winterswitchery

meg dear, you are about one of the easiest to write about right now !! you are so, so special to me, and i am so glad we have gotten the chance to talk a lot lately. your emails make me smile, our chats make me laugh out aloud some days and always put me in a good mood. you are such a talented artist with so much potential, and i hope you never lose that. you are so caring, warm and beautiful, and you have inspired me so much. plus you introduced me to a book that has become one of my very favourites ! {yup, i'm talking about Mists of Avalon ^^} keep drawing & painting {i'm still waiting to hear more about Fitz !} and never forget that i love you and i am definitely coming to visit you one day. whether you are in MI, or somewhere in Canada :)

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