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27 November 2004 @ 12:40 pm
for the artistic winterswitchery  
meg dear, you are about one of the easiest to write about right now !! you are so, so special to me, and i am so glad we have gotten the chance to talk a lot lately. your emails make me smile, our chats make me laugh out aloud some days and always put me in a good mood. you are such a talented artist with so much potential, and i hope you never lose that. you are so caring, warm and beautiful, and you have inspired me so much. plus you introduced me to a book that has become one of my very favourites ! {yup, i'm talking about Mists of Avalon ^^} keep drawing & painting {i'm still waiting to hear more about Fitz !} and never forget that i love you and i am definitely coming to visit you one day. whether you are in MI, or somewhere in Canada :)