scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

ready to order !

i really need to invest in a long armed stapler.

i was able to photocopy enough pages for 28 zines this afternoon at office works but goodness, cutting and collating them all is going to be a task ! note to self: writing the zine is only half of the process. on monday i think i am going to hijack the big work stapler and guillotine (and possibly the photocopier as well, just for a little while) to make up some more zines but i just couldn't wait any longer...

ta da ! winterspark zine, issue #1 "soulbreaking" is ready for order !

{i had to hold down the cover since it's not stapled yet ^^}

44 pages, quarter size, vellum cover. text heavy, black & white photographs and coloured insert of my art(ish) journal. an introduction to this stargirl who will hopefully continue to write zines (depending on whether the general consensus is that this one is shite or not ^^). personal essays and narratives, a glance back on the 24 years that have led me to be who i am today and what i believe in. fiction and random snippets, this is a completely honest perspective about inner strength, determination and positivity. the theme? the soul is never broken.

this zine is $ 2.50 postage paid within australia, $ 3.80 postage paid for overseas. if i'm sending you a christmas card {ie, if you're on my lj list !}, it's only $ 3.00 for overseas buyers because it'll only cost a bit extra to put the zine in with the card (unfortunately i don't think i can disguise it as being a "card only" and send it for $ 1.00!) i accept PayPal (preferred for overseas buyers) and concealed cash in either US or AU currency. PayPal payments are in US$ regardless of where you're from. if you're a regular penpal of mine, you'll get a copy for free {if you're not sure if i'm going to send you one, just leave a note here and i'll let you know !}. i'll be sending out consideration copies to distros when i get a bit organised as well, but i am really interested to hear what you guys think about this one, if you have the time ?

i'll keep running off copies of this for as long as there might be interest so if you can't buy it now that's fine, it'll be around for awhile ^^

hmm, this is weird pimping this. also i am actually pretty sick of this zine and am unsure whether i actually like it or not ^^ i need a fresh perspective !

so, $ 2.50 within Aust, $ 3.80 overseas, $ 3.00 overseas with christmas card (AU buyers with christmas card are no extra).

zine trades are good too, but email me first and we'll work it out ^^

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