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28 November 2004 @ 12:38 pm
thankyou so much to you lovelies who have already ordered a copy of my zine -- they will be sent out tomorrow ♥ i've been tearing paper and making covers all morning and it's exciting to see my writing take the form of a little book. especially after reading so many other people's zines in my time of running the zine distro.

i've been up since 7am, which is actually my favourite way to start a sunday morning. i thought a cool change was coming in this morning and i was going to sit outside and make more christmas cards, but it's gotten rather hot after all. i'm thinking i'd love to watch moulin rouge {and watch for all the places i went to when i was in paris} and catch up on some letters because i'm drowning in responses and i feel bad for taking so long. today is a package day, i think. pictures from magazines and handwritten letters on lined pages & coloured stationery and mixtapes and cds and of course, zines. yes, i think that's what i'll do. i'm catching up, i promise !

last night kristy & i saw bridget jones: the edge of reason and i fell in love with mark darcy {!!}; he reminded me so much of R, being so stoic and unemotive yet underneath, loving and ohsogorgeous. we were going to go for a midnight swim after the movie but the cool change seemed to be coming in, and it was just that little bit too cold to do so; especially when the beach is unlit and the water looks dark and unfriendly. next time we'll go to the beach first; but this time we drove to the service station and brought icecream, then sat in the car by the sand and talked for ages. simple pleasures at their best. she's going to europe in january for 6 weeks and i'll miss her immensely. not to mention being extremely jealous {but one day i'll go back; i know it}.

more of those why you rock posts will be coming soon. i won't forget or neglect anyone, it just might take a while ♥ also, that girl who had her mother killed's journal is now up to 2000+ comments, and i remember seeing it when there was only 28. crazy things. heavenly creatures for the 21st century.

d-elicate: my puppy can smash youhandsdown on November 28th, 2004 05:37 am (UTC)
When I looked at it first there was 28 also. Btw I saw your comment about Heavenly Creatures being a NZ movie, I was just about to comment and say so, but you beat me to it. How did they get British?
Is The Edge of Reason fabulous? I heard not so good reviews about it, but I really want to see it, I just finished reading the book, finally (I totally slacked on that). I love Bridget Jones, even though I swore I wouldn't. Also, can I get a copy of your zine? And another thing, I know how you always talk about Lush and there's no store is it, in Adelaide or Australia? There's probably a website where you can get stuff from, but if you ever want anything, I can send you stuff because there's a store down the street from me.

Have I told you lately that I love you? ♥
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on November 28th, 2004 07:42 am (UTC)
damn straight it's a NZ film ! *l* you kiwi's don't get enough credit y'know, without the Brits trying to steal yr thunder ;)

+ of course you can get a copy of my zine hon. email me yr address?

+ i wouldn't say Edge of Reason was fabulous but it WAS a good, fun film. kind of on par with the first one, i thought. are the books good? i wouldn't mind reading them.

+ &thankyou for your offer ! we have mail order in australia and they have stores in most of the other states, so i am not too deprived. i think it is a good thing for my wallet actually that there's no store in adelaide ! but thankyou anyway, you are a sweetheart