scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

sunday night

to those dearlings who ordered my zine this weekend, they are being mailed out tomorrow ♥ {thankyousomuchagain} i wrote little notes to go with them in glittered pens that have stained my fingers; they're not very long and i apologise for the rushness of it all, but i really wanted to get them all ready to take to work tomorrow. i'll be sending christmas cards hopefully soon; i'm running behind now and trying to keep up. i need to stop trying to do so many things at once but oh goodness; it's fun.

our home office looks like a paper bomb has gone off in it; there are about 4 different projects going on in here right now and it is an absolute mess; but i thought i would show you where i spend most of my time these days ^^ i am trying to get all the zine stuff in order before work tomorrow; if i get any other orders {hopefully i do !} i can write notes and put them into envelopes and away they go. i've been folding paper all afternoon and collating copies; but i'm getting into the routine of it although i'm worried about the ink staying on the vellum covers. they don't seem to hold too well. but this is a practice run and i've already acquired a list of things to remember that will speed up the process for next time.

i spread magazines and writing paper out in the lounge room this afternoon and watched Moulin Rouge as planned; when i get a place of my own it is going to be the ultimate paper junkie's heaven, i swear ! meanwhile, i sold a whole bunch of sweet valley high and sweet valley university books on ebay today and made enough money to pull my bank account back from being in the minus figures. good thing too, since i only got paid 3 days ago and that was meant to last for 2 weeks. yikes.

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