scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

3-dimension is back

thanks to fructiferous for the above saying. woot.

feeling inspired again and i'm well aware of the ticking clock, that i badly need sleep because i had a headache all day from not enough rest and it's not a story i want to repeat again tomorrow. work is bad enough without the constant drone inside my mind, the twinge at the side of my temples that happens when i'm sleepy and blah. but wednesday is the middle of the week and after that, the days seem just that little bit easier to get through. perhaps.

why are we always counting our lives away? days, hours, minutes. it's broken up into little pieces, rushrushrush, fit as much in as possible, can't wait for this day, can't wait for that day. i know i'm among the guilty and i wish i could slow down and stop watching the clock but there's so much to do, so much to experience, learn, enjoy, try, create, that it's hard to be content to just sit there and let the day wash over you.

tonight has been more zine things, and i think i'm going to submit my zine to some different distros. it's funny being on this end of it for a change; for awhile i had my own distro and i received so many submissions which unfortunately, not all made it to the catalogue. mainly due to money reasons, but you've all heard the story before. i'm thinking of some ways to revive the distribution though; it seems a shame to let a good idea just fade away. i start things and i'm terrible at finishing them. like a burst of creativity keeps me running for awhile but then i run out of steam and i fall behind. we're always playing catch up and sometimes, i just want to feel like i'm ahead for a change.

it's words tonight, and i wish i could stay up all night and write. i'd finish my next zine now if i could, but there are issues of this one to collate {i need to run off more copies tomorrow}, christmas cards to write, letters, notes, emails to long lost friends. i'm neglecting people terribly, and i'm sorry because i really love you all but i'm not very good at prioritising sometimes.

and i really want to go back to england. next year, perhaps i really will next year {wait & see? i just might surprise everyone !}

{notes to self: also to do-
+ website for winterspark zine
+ website for
+ work out video stuff from my camera for wendy
+ christmas cards - both writing & making them
+ um, start christmas presents that i've been meaning to start for the last 3 weeks. eep.
+ finish last bit of christmas shopping
+ get up to date with writing school assignments
+ photography, photograpy, photography !! how are you going to get any better if you don't practice, don't read, don't learn ?}

&i am in love with fashion photography. sigh. beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

i need to go dancing on city streets.
count the headlights on the highway...


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