scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

zine grab bags

as i mentioned previously, i'm going to put together some zine grab bags {as many as people want, really} from all the zines i've accumulated since running the distro earlier in the year. these will be a mixture of ones i brought wholesale from the writers in multiple quantities, and others that i've acquired along the way and deserve to be circulated around, not just sitting in my little office ! they range in size from quarter-size to full and the majority are by writers either in australia or in the usa.

each grab bag will contain 8 - 10 zines in it, and will be $ 7 postage paid within australia, $ 11 postage paid overseas. most of the zines here retail for at least $ 2 each, so it is a bargain if you want to get a whole bunch of zines at once, even though it sounds sort of expensive. i accept PayPal, direct deposit for AU buyers, and concealed cash. if yr a distro wanting extra zines for your catalogue, get in touch and we'll work something out since i have so much leftover stock.

&also -- the following a list of zines that were in my catalogue & i have multiple copies of, if there are any in particular you want in yr grab bag, let me know and i will do my best to include it.

A Million Birthdays #2
Black Velvet Magazine
Brainscan #20 {all out}
Brainscan #19
The CIA Makes Science Fiction Unexciting #2
Cold Hands Dead Heart
Color of My Eyes {all out}
Cultor Sore #15
Do As I Say Not As I Do
Four Star Daydream #5
Giantess #3
Girl Swirl #11
Girl Swirl #10
Girl Swirl #9 {all out}
Hrrrmph #4
Nonsensical #6
The Pleiades #11
Sobstory #5
Someday Very Soon
Technological Disadvantages
Ugly Duckling #7 {all out}
Ugly Duckling #6 {all out}
Westside Angst #7

if you would like to buy a grab bag, just email me with yr name & address, and if you want any particular ones in the list above, let me know that too. i'll email you back with payment info {addresses, paypal stuff, the usual}. i'll send them out this week.

offer is open as long as there are still enough zines {so could be awhile, i probably have about 200+ zines around me right now that need to go to good homes !}

i'm really sorry for the shitty job i did of running the distro :X

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