scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

for the fabulous fabuleuxamelie

{because i am way behind on doing this; but i haven't forgotten, promise !!}

amy amy amy. my aussie chick, creative & inspiring penpal through the years !! i think i've known this girl for about... 6 years now {?}, we started writing through slams and i still have the very first letter she sent me that made me think "wow, this girl is awesome !" sometimes our letters are far apart but amy is one of the most amazing friends i know. she was so strong and supportive when i was going through a bad time last year, and i'll never forget her friendship and reassuring words {they meant so much to me}. she is artsy, smart {law school diva !!} and amazingly genuine, honest & beautiful. one day - in 2005 - i AM going to fly to sydney and we'll hang out, okay ? you rock, and i really never do tell you that often enough. {thankyousomuch, for everything} xoxo


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