scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

for the creatively inspiring roseinyrteeth

mikka, i don't know if you will ever have any idea how much i admire & adore you !! you are positively one of the most talented & creative people i have ever known, and i am simply in awe of you & yr photography & jewellry making skills & webdesign ! not only that, but you are so strong and gosh, moving on yr own to New York to study, you are honestly one of my heros right now and someone i look up to and take comfort from. okay, now this is getting ultra gushy, but i just admire this girl so, so much, and whats more, she's a genuinely beautiful person too. i am so blessed to have met you, you are definitely one of those people who make a huge, positive impact on my life ♥

{whats this ?}

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