scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


right now i am in love with:

♥ scented candles from dusk, especially the musk flavoured one called "Parisian" - oh, heavenly. i close my eyes and wish i could drift away into the world for which it was created.
♥ organza; i brought a metre of this dreamy fabric to cut up and use as christmas ribbons on presents; it's iridescent and magical and i just adore it. and hurrah for being cheaper to buy a whole lot of fabric than it is to buy a roll of ribbon !
♥ sarah slean's sweet ones. i listen to it over & over in my car; come over to the sweet ones baby...
♥ beautiful photography & photo-manipulations on deviantart; after christmas i'm longing to order some prints of some of my favourite ones. sometimes i ache because i'll never be as talented as some of those on there; but i'm lucky to see their work, and we can't all be good at something because how would that make it special?
♥ mix cds, sigh. and beautiful xmas cards from you lovelies {thankyou so much xo} and fabulous letters that i will finally have time to reply to soon {i promise}

i have ideas for a new zine, a trade-only zine it will be. an interlude to winterspark; i need to put my words together and express myself in an explosion rather than a coherent formation. i tell myself that i will get it written by the end of this upcoming 4-day weekend, but whether that will transpire is a whole other question. if only i didn't have to sleep, if only i didn't have to work; i'd stay up and write & write & write and visually express myself. cut & paste, screaming words & lyrics, photos, images, patterns; and we're all cliches but if it helps then what does it matter anyway? i want to be artistic & creative & i feel full of inspiration and ideas for so many things. if only i could create everything i see in my mind; i am full of if only's.

i miss him like anything but i am okay, you know ?

&ps... still researching child sponsership possibilities, if you have any suggestions/recommendations/personal experience, please share ?

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