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more on the tsunami devastation

Some of the hardest hit populations were the fishing communities along the coastal villages scattered in all the affected areas. Most of those populations were already living under the poverty line, and it is expected that this disaster will increase their vulnerability as they lived in makeshift huts with very low incomes and little financial security.
(from unicef)

this is exactly what upsets me the most about the tsunami disaster in the asia-pacific. obviously this sort of devastation would be tragic anywhere, but what happens when these communities have barely anything to begin with? when they don't have the resources or funding to fall back on to help them rebuild at least the material structures in their lives? heartbreak and loss and grief are the same worldwide but when you have nowhere to sleep anymore, no food to eat, no clothes to wear because you can't afford to just go down to the next big city and buy things, it exacerbates the problem tenfold. when yr struggling to make it day by day to begin with, how does something like this destroy your faith and your belief that things might ever get easier?

the photos from here (thanks for the link, fructiferous) are absolutely heartwrenching; it makes you realise (if you didn't already) that in the end, we're all just people. we're all human, and crises like this make all the fighting and discrimination so very petty indeed. australia sending back refugees, for example; but no matter where they've come from, they are all just people like us. they're not white westerners but what difference should it make? they have emotions, fear, desire to make it in the world - just like us. why oh why do we treat these nations so second class? why do we allow people to live like this when in the end - we're all the same?

i've gotten way off track with what i was originally going to write about, but i can't seem to think too straight at the moment. i'm sorry to keep writing about this, it's just what's at the front of my mind at the moment. i really wish there was more i could do. although ceret has given me the idea that since i was going to sponser a child in the new year anyway, to sponser a tsunami child victim. i wasn't going to go through world vision (for a few different reasons), but if no information comes up on any of the other sponsership sites in the next week or so, then i'll probably go through world vision anyway. because i really want to do something in light of this devastation.

i wish i could do something about all the devastation in the world because this disaster doesn't make any of the other crises any less important or urgent or tragic. and that's the worst part it all, really. because one more devastation happens, but is there any sign of the others ending ?


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