scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
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zine thoughts & aid

good thing i didn't say that eating healthier was going to be one of my new years resolutions... 2 hours after waking up, i stuffed that one up completely ;) but oh, doritos and salsa taste good. it's practically lunch time anyway... right?

still sleepy, and whenever i go into my room, my bed looks so inviting, and my room smells like parisian musk candles, and i'm tempted to lie down, just for a bit longer; but who wants to waste waking hours when there are wonderful things to do? i adore long weekends and time to myself like this. browsing deviantart and i adore stumbling upon beautiful photography & images & artworks. i will be more creative this year. continuing on from last year.

yesterday afternoon i was thinking about the idea of making a collaborative zine to do with the tsunami & events in south-east asia, with all proceeds of it going towards aid efforts. maybe a zine that encompasses everything about this tragedy, not just the actual quake & tidal wave & after effects, but articles on the power of nature/mother earth, our cries to governments to stop wasting money on bombing countries but to help rebuild them instead. something like that. what do you guys think? it's just a faint idea... i just keep thinking i need to do more. donating money is the only thing we can do at the moment, but i constantly feel urged to write about it (as everyone on my friends list knows!); and i know many of you have strong thoughts about these events at the moment. i was thinking of setting up like a separate paypal account or something so that all the money from the sale of the zines could be donated straight through to one of the aid organisations.

let me know what you think, if you'd be interested in contributing (i'll probably put a pretty tight deadline on this, to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible), or if you'd be interested in buying one. i was also thinking about asking some of you if you might be interested in actually helping me to distribute these - i'd like to offer free shipping on them (so that all the proceeds really are going to international aid) but as most of you are either in canada, the usa, or the uk/europe, to send them all off from australia would be ridiculous; so i thought i could send some money to you guys (so you don't have to foot any postage yrself, of course!) and a stack of zines and people can make orders to whoever is in their country? maybe that sounds silly... i'd just rather use the money i have either to donate directly to aid, or to run off copies of the zine to sell, instead of just postage if there's a cheaper way around it. sue me, i'm thrifty.

comments, opinions etc are welcome. especially if you think it's a dumb idea. i don't want to offend or upset anyone. i just want to do more to help. then again, maybe i should just make another donation. but fundraising can go a long way sometimes.

hmm. *still thinking*

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