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2005 has been rather productive & creative so far; i've spent the weekend working on various projects, writing writing writing, updating on deviantart, putting packages together. i've decided that i have to do at least one creative thing each day - whether it's write something (no matter how little i have to say; just the action of writing is sometimes the hardest first step to overcome - after that, my pen/keyboard seems to take a life of it's own), take a decent photo (or try to anyway), make something (jewellery or something else i want to try this year, like soap & candles), work on a zine, make a scrapbook page, add things to my art journal, even try to draw something (even though my drawing skills are pitiful, it's why i didn't continue with high school art). sometimes i have so many ideas and inspirations but to actually do those things is a whole other process. i need to stop being lazy, and just get on with it. so far it's working out pretty well; i've done more things this long weekend than i have in... well okay, i suppose it's been a bit of a creative month, with christmas and all; but before then, i was slack slack slack, and i don't want to continue like that.

but it's back to work tomorrow; we'll see how well the resolution lasts then. although i've taken to writing letters in the staffroom during my lunch break; sometimes it's the only creativity i have during the 9 hours i'm there, and it's the one thing that gets me through. words really are my saving grace, you know?

although with that being said, i don't really have a whole lot more to say for now. ha.


♥ writing long letters to friends
beautiful people on deviantart {this girl nearly makes me cry, she is just so, so lovely}
♥ reading fabulous books like the one my friend kristy got me for christmas, the virgin's lover by philippa gregory
♥ putting together more zines
♥ finding fabulous shows to download and add to my ipod :D
you lovelies

hurrah for sweet things, hurrah for creativity.

{goodnight, stars}


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