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i'm sorry for a million updates about nothing. somehow the words are just pouring out and i feel like i want to connect with everyone and say "hi. i love you."

so. hi. and, i love you.

winterspark 2 is up to 37 pages and still going. only quarter size so they're small pages, but the last zine was 44 pages and i felt like i was struggling even to reach that. this one will be longer, i think; it's tempting to wrap it up and get it finished by this weekend, but i gave myself a deadline of the end of the month, and i might as well use that time to make it a better quality zine. sometimes i feel like winterspark 1 was too rushed; well, rushed except it took the better part of a year to complete; but it wasn't the highest quality of writing. perhaps that's why i'm almost too embarrassed to keep distributing it, that i can barely read my own words in it anymore when i photocopy the pages, hoping that no-one will see. i like this one better; it still needs improving, i'm still not completely objective about my work (but who is about their own anyway?) but i feel a little bit prouder of what i've produced and where it's going. i've decided on a theme for winterspark 3 already; i'm going to write as much while i'm in this wild zine frenzy i've been in the last few days. it's nice to have a project that's actually going somewhere, that's close to being completed. i leave so many things half-done.

i'm so excited for back to school sales in the stationery departments of stores; i'm craving for paint, and nearly brought some at the bookstore today at lunchtime, but held off because i don't have any brushes anyway. yet. art supplies make me happy, sales make me happy, and i'm so silly really, but this has been the most creative year yet. a day off in the middle of the week (tomorrow) is such a sweet things indeed.

okay. i promise to stop writing so many entries with nothing new to say. really ;)

edit - oh, and i installed the new version of trillian last night, and now it just crashes everytime i try to start it up. so i might not be around on msn/aol for a little while until i download the stuff to make it work. let me know if you have yahoo instead? sigh.

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