scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

officeworks rules my world

oh days off, i love you.

so i splashed out and brought a long armed stapler today. it was cheaper than i expected it to be; also i brought cover paper for my zines as i ran out of the translucent stuff i was using on winterspark 1 a long time ago, and have been using plain paper ever since. pink paper, mind you, but still plain and you know, it just wasn't doing the job. now i have some thicker stuff and it's not particularly impressive but it's a lot cheaper than that translucent stuff was :P so many pretty colours; i couldn't decide, but i have colours for 1 - soulbreaking & 2 - wanderlust now, and an idea for 3 - whimsical. writing more tonight, and maybe i will finish it ahead of time after all. if only because i'm excited to use my new stapler. haha, i'm a dork. maybe i'll make more copies of 1 tomorrow instead. i started sending them off to distros this week, and it's funny to be on the other side of that now. i think i'm glad i don't have my zine distro anymore, as much as i miss the constant exposure to zines & zinesters. it's given me a chance to concentrate on my own writing for awhile.

also. i really do need to clean out my friends list. so lets try this instead. if you DON'T read this or don't care/mind/will understand if i take you off, then leave a comment. so i don't hurt anyone's feelings, you know?
but only comment to this if you DON'T mind being taken off. 'cos there's loads of you i want to keep, and i know who they are and i hope they know who they are, but this is just to clear out the people who i don't really know and won't take offense ;) so let me know if it's okay.

haha, told you i'm silly. i dunno if that's going to work but oh well.


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