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friday night; i was motivated & excited for the weekend, but i had a nap and that was the worst thing i could have done. so in an effort to find some inspiration (which i had at approximately 3pm today; somehow between then and now it's disappeared), i'm browsing mail art sites & zine sites & other places filled with creativity, and thought i'd share some links.

found art - ooh this site is fabulous ! actually, it was this site that prompted me to write this entry. fabulous mail art ideas & creativity, although the main idea is to leave pieces of art around the place, and see if they get found - hence the name. sort of like glamourbombing, i suppose. loads of inspiration here :) - everyone knows this site already, but i'm just rediscovering it, and it's wonderful. tons of mail art projects that you can sign up to join, or create your own. looks like there is a fair sign-up process to go through first, but this site is still ultra-inspiring & full of wonderful creativity. - another site that most people know of; i'd forgotten i'd actually signed up at this one until yesterday when i really did get some random mail from someone there! it made my day and now i vow to be more active there, knowing how exciting it is to get mail from someone totally unexpected. - tons of creative projects and ideas and inspiration here.


i shouldn't be too harsh on myself for not being more motivated this evening; i finished letters to aussiekitty and alex_faerie before taking my nap, the latter of which is a monsterous 40-page book that i have no idea how she's going to stay away through (i tend to ramble a lot once i have a pen in my hand...), and now i've started on a third letter to another long lost penpal. i wrote some stuff for my next zine, winterspark 3, burnt a ton of cd bootlegs to send with letters... okay, i suppose it hasn't been too bad after all.

now that i've started looking through all these fabulous sites and all their links, i definitely feel more motivated... i think ;) do you lovelies have any great weblinks like the ones above to share? ♥


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