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more crafty inspirations &

oh livejournal, how i missed you.

actually, not really. although i would have if it had been any longer, i'm sure. but instead, i browsed around a million and one fabulous crafty websites and oh, the inspiration !! i am terribly excited and bouncing around and wanting to try everything. i can't decide what to try to make first. or next, i should say perhaps. there are so many inspiring people & websites & resources & it is just wonderful to sift through and find ideas. creativity in everything.

also, i finished writing winterspark 2: wanderlust yesterday. this forced lj-break has been productive, if anything. i need to print it out, cut & paste the pages in order. so it could be another week before it's ready to be copied; but having finished writing it at least makes me happy. it's longer than the first one and i think i'm happier with it too. some more ideas and starting to consolidate for the 3rd one as well, and i'm definitely planning to make a DIY/creativity zine as well. not sure if it'll be the 4th one in the winterspark series, or a standalone issue. if i could gather my thoughts enough to write coherently this afternoon, i could probably write the entire thing (or at least a very rough draft) of it; i feel so inspired by everything i've been reading & looking through in the last day and a half.

must also say that thanks to nightbird, i am very much in love with this bookmarking website. i have been using it like anything this weekend, and also clearing out some of the excess bookmarks that were in my IE window (the ones i never used but couldn't bear to discard, for what if i needed to find the page again one day?) using a tagging system, you can categorise your bookmarks (and subcategorise and sub-subcategorise them... for people like me who are exceptionally compulsive about organisation!) to make finding things a cinch. for example, i can view all the links in my crafts category, or, if i'm looking for something in particular... for example, craft projects or online stores, i can add them to the search and it narrows the results down immensely. i can even go one step further and search for online craft & candle stores in my links. rather anal, i know, but hey, why not! it certainly makes things easier to find, which has always been a problem i've had with my old bookmarking system. even putting things in subfolders never worked properly, most things can't be categorised so neatly into one header.

it also means you can access your bookmarks on any computer, and also see what other people have linked to in the same categories. clicking here means i can view all the links that people on have categorised under "crafts", which is another great way to find new sites. well, not that i really need any more craft sites, not right now anyway ;)

so. how did you guys spend your livejournal-less weekends? ;)


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