scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

cutting back

i'm not very good with cutting back on things. like my friends list. i just can't bear to take people off, leave communities. even though i struggle to keep up and find myself scrolling back friends?skip=320 if i miss even one day of reading, i still feel bad taking people off. i come to the computer with a resolve; "trim it back ! just keep the very best !" but i never can. my finger hovers over the delete friend button, i just can't do it. even leaving communities is a sense of regret and it's so silly because i can always go back and join them again later.

i know how to make a saga about anything. just ask me.

i think i might take a cue from miss vaniityx and make some different friends groups & views to browse through. not that this hasn't already been suggested before... i'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes.


sigh. soo many wonderful crafty links & pictures & ideas & tutorials & inspiration here. and if you want even more, check out the links forum... hmm okay, this wasn't the smartest place to visit right before bedtime. if i wasn't so exhausted anyway, i'd probably stay up all night getting ideas & creative bursts, which is exactly what i need to fight off this growing funk i'm in.

instead, i shall go to bed and wake up and go to my 9-5 and continue to be a space monkey. which, i think being a space monkey sounds like fun actually, but moonborn assures me that it's not and i trust her.


other things i need to cut back on:
x. spending money
x. being stressed
x. being unhappy at work
x. procrastinating
x. being so crazycrazycrazy


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