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x. in a better mood today. every second day at work is better; at least there is a day of calmness in between? [edit: um, maybe i spoke too soon, i think it's gone back to semi-crap again. sigh]

x. i think that this is a fabulous idea, and i hope that other radio stations around the country & the world do something like this as well. it's a shoebox of love, a box filled with all sorts of essential & lovely things to send to the children who have become orphaned & victims of the asia-pacific tsunami disaster - things such as toothpaste or soap for cleaning themselves, books & writing equipment for schooling, a toy or something to love like a bear or a doll. our radio station did this in 2002 after the bali bombings for the children who were orphaned, and i'm not sure if other radio stations in the country did too, but seeing as all the commercial stations copy each other's ideas for "beat the bomb" and "secret sound" and "find the fugitive" competitions, i would certainly hope that they are all doing something similar (or as worthy) as this project. i'm going to make a shoebox, but i wanted to post the link here just in case something similar wasn't happening where you live, through your commercial radio station, and you wanted to be able to suggest something that everyone could do to help. i know straight after the tsunami happened some of you were wondering if you could send goods & items of clothing etc to the victims - well now there's a way you can.

if the radio stations in your area etc ARE doing something similar, i'd love to see links/websites, just to have a look - i think projects like these are great. they get everyone involved, reach out for the people who need it the most. i love hearing about how kids get involved with these - in the aftermath of the 2002 bombings in bali, loads of school kids made boxes like this to send over, it became their class project. i thnk it helps to make kids aware from an early age that not everyone is as priveledged as us in our western worlds, and that there are little things they can do to help. it doesn't feel like a lot in the greater scheme of things but to the orphaned child receiving the box from a total stranger filled with things they don't have - it can mean a lot.

x. i crave honeycomb tea, cuddles, zines.

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