scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

oh for goodness sake

oh for fucks sake. i am never going to attempt to touch any of my lj style pages ever again. all i wanted to do was add in links to filters (some public, some private, but there for my own ease of use because i'm lazy like that) and i've ended up wrecking the whole thing and having to spend hours fixing it up again. it's outdated anyway; i need to make a new header for 2005 but i haven't been in the mood to think of something to write for it. blah blah blah. what HAVE i done to my links? i've cheated and linked them all the old way. none of this lj coding stuff. my %%url%% links wouldn't work on the pages they were already at. like my lj friends link on my lj friends page came out all weird, friends/%%[at%% sort of thing and wouldn't go anywhere. i know that doesn't make sense, i don't expect anyone to have an answer for me. i had it all okay until i stupidly copied & pasted my WHOLE code over the top of old ones, not just the section i changed. dumb dumb dumb. it's only livejournal but i still want it to be perfect.

*tears out hair*

it's winter_rose's birthday today, and everyone should wish her a happy birthday because she is awesome. i'm trying to send an e-card but my computer doesn't like loading graphics ! i haven't been able to view deviantart for days and it's bothering me. so meggie, a real card will be in the mail to you soon. this weekend, if i finish your letter in time. ♥

thankgods, thankgods tomorrow is friday. really, this hasn't been the best of weeks. i'd be happy never to have one like it again.


this weekend =
x. going into town with sparkleoflife
x. getting winterspark 2: wanderlust ready for printing
x. collate the rest of winterspark 1 i printed last week
x. finish winter_rose's package
x. finally send out mix cd & things to _ikhoudvanu {i'm so sorry it's taking so long !}
x. send out zines to sewtrue {another thing that's taken forever :-\}
x. have a lush bath with one of the beautiful smelling things that snowcanwait sent me {thankyou so, so much again sweetheart !}
x. make some more earrings so that i don't forget how
x. start reading the soap making book kristy brought me (might have to wait until next payday to start buying supplies though... okay, so today was payday, but um, well at least i'm now bill-free? hmm. small consolation :\)
x. keep browsing cool, inspirational crafty sites for ideas :D

{could i please not sleep again, ever? there is too much wonderful stuff to do instead}


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