scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

winterspark 2: wanderlust


56 pages, quarter size, text & images & photos, cardstock cover. the theme of this one is travel, with excerts from the travel journals i kept while i was overseas, commentary & thoughts on certain world events, examination of courage for leaving home for an extended period of time. also some fiction & random excerts, making for another text heavy zine. not quite as personal as my first issue, but i still think people will be able to relate to whats written.

the zine is $ 2.50 postage paid within australia, $ 3.80 postage paid for overseas. wholesale rates available for distros; i've only just started sending out copies of my first issue for consideration, so i might wait until i hear from those distros first before sending out this one (if anyone orders winterspark 1 for their distro, i'll send a consideration copy of this one with your order). paypal is preferred for overseas, or else concealed cash is good too. within australia, cash or bank deposit is fine, or paypal if you have it.

&also !- winterspark 1: soulbreaking has received a face lift !

okay, so it's just a new cover, but for anyone who didn't order a copy before and are still interested in reading it, you can order both 1 & 2 together for a total of $ 7 for overseas, $ 4 within australia. if you want to order just issue one, the same prices apply as above ($ 2.50 within AU, $ 3.80 overseas). just specify in the notes section of paypal (if you use it) which one you want or else i'll just assume it's issue 2 ;)

so want to order?
AU = $ 2.50 for wanderlust, $ 4 for both; overseas = $ 3.80 for wanderlust, $ 7 for both.

or email me for other payment options.

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