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okay, while i'm not thrilled that i've spent this entire day off on the computer, it has at least been productive; i finally got the zine website running! i used a free template available on a webhelp site, so i can't take any credit at all for the design; just modified it with an iframe and some info. i know that's cheating, but um, it's only temporary? while i know i can make a decent website when the mood strikes, i obsess enough over little details like getting my links to change colour. today was not the day to try and make something new from scratch.

anyway, that's done for now. i can promote the zine a little bit more now, hurrah!

speaking of which, thankyou so much to all your lovelies who have already ordered zines !! i was so taken aback by all the orders, and i am so, so grateful for all your support. i'm going to start getting them together and sent out tonight (well, getting them packaged up tonight. sending them out tomorrow); i honestly didn't expect so many orders. you guys rock {thankyou so much ♥}

my eyes are hurting; i need a break from this screen. i am thinking about sending some of my zines off to the sampler, but i'm not sure yet. that site inspires me so much -- i really want to start working on some other craft & creative projects, try some other things. i have another website idea for the domain too, and now that i've started opening editpad again, perhaps this one will actually evolve into something.

oh yes. and if you have a zine website, could you please let me know? i've already linked sea__secret and starmiranda, as well as a bunch of my favourite crafty sites; but i know there's a whole lot i'm forgetting. the links page was the last one i did; it was a rush so i could get it uploaded, but i'll go back to it soon & add more.

okay. if i don't get off the computer RIGHT NOW my head is going to explode. and then no-one will get any zines :(

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