scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

ahaha. my mum is so cute.

she was talking about this product she saw on a news program last night. "i hope it's available in adelaide" she says, "i hope it's not just interstate."

"mum," i said, "we can go on the internet and search for it. we can order it online if it's only available interstate."

*insert amazed & wonderous look on mum's face as though she has just discovered the most fabulous thing in the world* "really???"

"yes mum. you can ever order things from the states or the uk online!"

*insert mum's even more amazed look* "wow...!"

oh mum, welcome to the 21st century. i love how naive my mum is about technology in general. somehow i think i've just opened up a whole new world for her...

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