scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

more book goodness

from the library today
+ books by sabrina ward harrison, in particular messy thrilling life and spilling open, which i have wanted to read but thought i would have to order from overseas;
+ books on candlemaking
+ another book on papercrafts
+ vogue magazines - in perfect condition too, i might add. which is surprising for a library copy of a magazine
+ feburary 2005 issue of australian house & garden magazine

and from the bookstore yesterday,
+ the career break book - of which finding made me almost squeal out aloud with excitement, for could anything be more perfect right now? all the other books i've been reading about working holidays & traveling overseas have been aimed at school-leavers - "gap years", or people studying at uni. this one is absolutely perfect - taking time out from working full time, the benefits & repercussions of doing so. it's only new this month, i hadn't even heard of it or seen it on the website, so it absolutely made my day to find that copy on the shelves.

happiness found in pages. inspiration found in pictures, euphoria found in words, hope found between cardstock covers & laminate. when i go back to the uk, i better find a place somewhere near a library or a bookstore. i mean it.

i am so in love with this song right now; it's so beautiful, it steals my breath away.
right click, save as: mercy of the fallen - dar williams

also, i've finished filling zine orders from this week {thankyou so much, lovelies}; i'll be posting out the last few tomorrow but most went out today or friday. so if you would still like to order {please ?}, find the info here ? i can send it out straight away since i'm all up to date.

tomorrow at work i will be a good girl and do nothing BUT work. i think i'm dreadfully behind and john comes back from leave on tuesday, and i was meant to keep him up to date. whoops. i WILL be good. really.

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