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06 February 2005 @ 02:39 pm
wordpress question #1  
um okay, i need help lol.

i have my wordpress files uploaded to faerywinged.org/wordpress. but i want them to show up at craftlove.faerywinged.org{/index.php}, so i put the addresses in the respective fields in the wordpress options part, in admin. but then i've got this style, that i want to use too. and i did the whole "change the style.css name to wp-layout.css and upload to the directory where the original one is from" {faerywinged.org/wordpress, right..?} and um, nothing is working over at craftlove. but when i go to faerywinged.org/wordpress, there is a very basic outline of all the wordpress stuff (ie, no coding).

i'm sure it's something really obvious, but i am a bit dumb with this stuff. can anyone explain what i need to do?

thanks darlings ♥

[edit: okay, i figured out that bit, thanks to this and this support topic. sigh. now to get the layout to work properly....]

grr okay, now i have no idea at all how to change the template. even though i changed the .css file over. *tears out hair*

...another edit...
is the only way to get a style showing up on your blog, is to have everything -- all the wp-blahblah.php files -- uploaded to the directory you're showing them from? ie; craftlove.faerywinged.org? is there a way to change all the urls so that they point to the directories in the wordpress folder?

do i make any sense at all???

(Deleted comment)
    scarlet's walkkisstheviolets on February 6th, 2005 02:18 pm (UTC)
thats okay hon; i think i'm going to uninstall and reinstall into the craftlove folder... i think that might clear up all the problems i'm getting :)
thanks hon -- i'll shout out if i have any troubles *sighs*