scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

*hums* it's good enough for the time being.
{look winterswitchery !! it didn't take a year this time !!}

blahblahblah. okay i'll add more stuff and finish off the other sites (and fix up that winterspark page, don't worry turtles_path i haven't forgotten all the suggestions you gave me!!) and all that fun stuff, but i couldn't resist showing it now. i mean, it only took about, oh, 18 months to finally get another (personal) page up? during which time i went through 2 domain names and forgot just about everything i ever learnt about website design and coding.

ANYWAY, the main point of this post is not just to show off (haha) my site, but because i need links because i only know about a handful of your webpages & journal sites & blogs... etcetc. so...

Poll #432627 links, baby !

webpage/blog/zine page etc & name?

&let me know about anything that needs fixing up/changing etc on the above site? i haven't tested it in any other browsers except IE, so i apologise it if looks horrid. and please... no lectures on using firefox. i already have it, but old habits die hard :P

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