scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

creativity bursting

lalala. my mind is so totally not here at work at the moment. my resolve to do nothing BUT work things flew out the window, that's for sure. i'm trying not to be distracted, but i'm thinking of a million other things and looking forward to doing so many more projects and writing and just... stuff. the thing is, even when i'm like this, i still get work done. mine and other people's. so i'm not the world's Best Employee, but i'm not the worse either. hmmm.

i'm looking at this fantabulous online store, which sells all sorts of wonderful flavours & colourings & extracts & materials to make things like soaps, candles, body balms. it's so exciting; i want to mix things together and see what emerges from the results. i want to make beautiful smelling things that might not change the world, but might make someone happy or peaceful even for an hour. this store has the biggest range i've seen, especially in australia. i don't bother looking at the overseas stores because the shipping would be ridiculous; but australia doesn't seem to have a huge range of products in most stores, even online. but sites like this are so wonderful for recipes and ideas. sigh. i desperately need to get some products and turn the kitchen into a lab for a weekend, but i need to be saving to go back overseas, and i'm constantly working out savings plans, working out what i can and can't spend. hello, reality.

still, it's fun to dream and be inspired; i am ever so inspired.

i booked some days off at the end of february for no other reason than, i'd like a break. originally i was going to be in new zealand this week, but the reality of having no money and desire to head back to the uk for a year somewhat thwarted that idea. for as wonderful as it would have been, reality stepped in again, and i'm dreadfully worried already about not having enough to fly over comfortably (the last thing i want to do is be halfway across the globe and running out of money in some country where i don't speak the language), let alone throwing another overseas trip into the equation. but then i cancelled my days off from work, but this week i've been desperately wishing that i hadn't. hopefully this creative streak will continue until the end of february and i can utilise my days off to my hearts content.

hopefully i can last until the end of february without exploding. tootootoomany ideas, whirling around in my head, in my veins, in my heart. words, colours, scents, fragrances, raw materials screaming out to be moulded into something more. blank pages needing to be filled, the most random of objects waiting to be turned into jewellery. there are more ideas forming, and i don't know if i have room for them, but i desperately wish i did right now.


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