scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk

travel plans & craft counsellor?

*weekend happiness*
fridays are a good day.

this weekend =
x. a lush bath to relax in tonight
x. shopping for craft supplies (online and off, but i promise not to go overboard !)
x. put together my shoeboxes of love
x. do some pages of the flb notebook because um, i haven't done any yet (eek, don't be mad at me alex_faerie, it is my #1 priority thing to do this weekend !!)
x. hang out with C.
x. finish letters and putting together packages for turtles_path, cara_mia, starmiranda, and heaps of others ♥
x. copy off more zines to send off to the sampler {!!}

and i'm having lunch with sparkleoflife in oh, half an hour? hurrah.

sigh, today is going rather slowly; hopefully the weekend will go this slowly too.

oh, and i am formulating a rather specific sort of plan for coming over to the usa next year, on my way back from being in the uk. the plan at the moment is to leave the uk, work in one of the american summer camps {as a crafts counsellor !! what d'ya think?} for 9 weeks, then spend a couple of months travelling around the us visiting as many of my dearest penpals and lj friends as possible. it means i'll be spending about 9 months in the uk, working & travelling through europe, which i hope will be enough time. but the australian-to-uk work visa has apparently been changed from 2 years in length to 1. so i won't feel so bad for leaving 3 months earlier than i could have done; of course, it'd be great to go over in june of this year and leave at the end of may next year in order to use up the full year, but i know i won't have enough money by then. besides, i don't think i'd last that long anyway.

it's still only a rough idea, but i'm pretty definite that's how i'd like to do it... i'd get to explore 2 continents during that time at least, make the most of my year "off". although it's not really a year off since i'd be working of course. i worry about loneliness and being safe and all those sorts of things, but one year is okay. i can do a year. september to september(ish); 9 months in the uk/europe, 3 months in the usa. the only reason i want to come to the us to visit people i know, and working at one of the summer camps would be challenging (one of my best friends did one a couple of years ago) but definitely an experience. not to mention going through camp america helps with things like travel insurance and other such things whilst in the us. some cheaper travel options through the states etc.

somehow, it's all tying in together. creativity + travel + friends + new adventures. perfect.


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