scarlet's walk (kisstheviolets) wrote,
scarlet's walk


i am so disgusted with hotmail and how they are forcing their users to buy premium accounts in order to check email via outlook. i've been using outlook for my email for the last 5 years but no way am i paying to use a service that claims for "free" email -- especially after all these years when i've actually defended hotmail and always gone back to using it after trying somewhere else.

*is pissed off* it's more an inconvenience than anything else.

so, important: my new email address from now on is jade @ email sent to herwanderlust@hotmail may not be answered simply because i'm too thoroughly disgusted with hotmail to check it anymore on a regular basis.

*grumbles* well it was nice to have the same email address for a year at least. geez, changing over is a pain in the ass. i was hoping not to do that again.

and i still don't have a frigging "pissed off" icon and i'm just in one of those moods RIGHT NOW where i don't want something pretty and everything is just annoying me now. screw you, hotmail!

edit, 2 minutes later... okay, i'm calm now. and just so everyone knows, the last paragraph is not a hint, just my annoyance at how i love pretty & flowery & colourful things... except at times of extreme annoyance. haha... i'm silly :P happier post coming soon. going icon hunting now ^^


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