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come over to the sweet ones

i love reading people's valentine day entries this year. some are mushy and cute and even though i don't have a valentine, it makes me smile to hear of sweet things.

my candle & lipbalm making supplies arrived today; just in time for the weekend. i am so excited; to see the parrafin & beeswax & the colours & cocoa butter & shea butter & jojoba oil and everything else sitting there on my bed makes it all the more real to start making things. oh, happiness. there are some pretty smelling fragrances too, and i'm going to make chocolate flavoured candles & creams & lipbalms as easter gifts. everyone should have chocolate, even those who are watching their weight. there is always more than one way to be indulged.

at lunchtime today, i escaped work to sit in the warm sun & drink hot chocolate & write to vaniityx. this weekend i want to writewritewrite (don't i say that every weekend though?) and i'm happy because i have 3 days off at the end of next week, and it feels like a holiday with endless possibilities. tomorrow is friday and it's always a good day, no matter how crappy things get at work; i'm not on switchboard because the girls in the office decided to give me a day off and take it over, and i'm so grateful to them for that. maybe they just got tired of me being a snapper-fish everytime they tried to talk to me. just kidding. i don't handle stress well and people say i hide it well, but i don't think i do, really. just ask the water cooler guy who saw me slamming files down on my desk in frustration and was too scared to ask me for my signature on his sign-off sheet.


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